Regional and ROC

OpHeart of West Midlands Regional Optical Committee

This body was formed to allow better cooperation and to share experience and knowledge across the region. It is made up of officers from the following LOCs:

 Birmingham LOC visit website
Dudley LOC visit website
Sandwell LOC visit website
Solihull LOC visit website
Walsall LOC visit website
Wolverhampton LOC visit website

Minutes of HWMROC from the start of 2014 can be found below. These are presented to the following meeting for approval so that those present can confirm they are an accurate record of proceedings. For this reason the most recent minutes should be considered to be a draft until approved at the following meeting.

5th Feb 2019 9th May 2019 26th Sept 2019
 18th January 2018 19th April 2018 19th July 2018 25th October 2018
19th January 2017 30th March 2017  29th June 2017  12th October 2017
21st January 2016  14th April 2016  21st July 2016  20th October 2016
12th February 2015 14th May 2015  10th September 2015
 9th January 2014  10th April 2014  25th September 2014  20th November 2014

Primary Eye Care

This not-for-profit company has superseded the old regional Primary Eye Care (HWM). This been set up to facilitate the commissioning of enhanced/community services. A larger company allows it to demonstrate that it is financially robust. It allows CCGs to hold a contract with one provider, and that company then sub-contracts to optometry practices. This also greatly reduces the burden around tendering for services and governance for individual practices. See here for the patient facing website.