Practice Visits

Staying the right side of the rules can be helped by being aware of these two documents:

Making Accurate Claims

Model GOS Contract

plus this one if you are a domiciliary provider:

Model GOS Contract Additional

There are two types of practice visit:

Post Payment Verification

This deals with ensuring claims for payment are honest and accurate, and a satisfactory audit trail exists.

Contract Compliance

This deals with ensuring you are complying with the GOS contract, and includes record keeping, the physical practice, equipment etc.

Details of both are covered at the Quality in Optometry website. If you have been informed you are to have a practice visit or are approached by NHS England on any matter and you would like assistance, please contact us. Please also see this blog post.

Local Documents

The following are documents specific to Sandwell which may be of use to a contract compliance visit


Child protection policy

Vision Services