NHS England


NHS England have stated:

“In order that we communicate with Primary Care Contractors in a consistent way we are changing the way that you will be able to contact us in future. In the past a contractor has tended to contact an individual member of the Regional Team that via telephone or email. Any communication via email will now be via a generic inbox as below:


The inbox is monitored regularly throughout the working day and we will respond to any queries received within 48 hours.

Telephone queries will still be via individual contact numbers as above but your initial access to team members will be via our Admin Team as above, they will arrange for you to receive a response if they cannot assist you directly.”

Optometry Information Service

The NHS England are moving away from communicating via post, and you are strongly advised to sign up to the Optometry Information Service on NHS networks for all the latest news and information on Optometry from NHS England locally and nationally.

Instructions for the West Midlands Optometry Network

NHS England in the Midlands is using to communicate with optical contractors:
Applicants should note that NHS Networks is a national host for a variety of locally generated networks of which the WM Optometry Network is just one.

To Join:

Log onto NHS Networks: http://www.networks.nhs.uk/@@register or search for “NHS networks” in Google or your usual search engine.

Join: click “join in” (under NHS logo at top of page) and register your full name and email address.

You should accept the terms and conditions and click on “sign up”. You will then receive an email from NHS Networks that will allow you password protected access.


When you have access to NHS Networks please log in and use the search bar to find the West Midlands Optometry Network. You should use the drop down option to the right of the search box and use the find networks option when searching. This search should only bring up the West Midlands Network, you will need to click on this option.

Now you need to apply to join this specific network using the “apply to join” button (it’s a small button below the grey bar at the top of the page)

Applying to join generates an email to NHS England and they should confirm your membership by return.

You will now have access to all the resources of the network.

Making accurate claims

All practitioners should familiarise themselves with making accurate claims produced by the Optical Confederation.

Avoiding Reclaims

NHS England in other areas are using outside companies to (in some cases) recover large amounts of GOS fees at practice visits. Please see here for more information on how to avoid reclaims.