Forensic Audit of General Ophthalmic Services Claims

NHS England have informed us of they have commissioned a forensic audit of General Ophthalmic Services claims by Merseyside Internal Audit Agency (MIAA). This has the specific intention of reclaiming GOS fees paid to contractors.
As LOCs we are concerned that the Area Team did not discuss the intention to commission such an audit with the LOCs before it was undertaken. We have proposed a meeting to discuss this in the New Year and will be supported in person by LOCSU.
Please see this this Hot Brief from LOCSU regarding MIAA’s exercise in Merseyside and this advice from the AOP.
During that exercise there were attempts to set Contractor against Performer and Performer against Contractor. This is counterproductive for all.
If you are approached about a visit, please contact your LOC, the AOP or FODO and you will be offered support.
Yours faithfully 
Peter Hampson
Secretary Sandwell LOC
on behalf of Heart of West Midlands Regional Optical Committee