The latest updates regarding Covid 19 can be found on the following websites:

https://primaryeyecare.co.uk/covid-19/ has lots of information and links to other sites

AOP Covid 19 page

College of Optometrists Covid 19 page

primaryeyecare.co.uk has up to date lists of which practices are still providing MECS

About Sandwell LOC

Sandwell LOC is the organisation representing General Ophthalmic Service(GOS) contract holders and optometrists performing GOS in Sandwell and liaises with the NHS England local area teams and CCGs on matters relating to eyecare.

We strongly encourage contractors and performers in the Sandwell area to bring any concerns they may have to us. Any queries or matters you would like brought to the attention of the committee please contact us.


The LOC do not provide OSCEs. The national Eyecare Company may, from time to time, put these on locally. Candidates are expected to pay their own fees upfront, and if they pass they may be able to claim fees from their local LOC. They would need a contractor registered in the area to sign a claim form for them. If you wish to approach the LOC about claiming fees, please contact us once you have passed your OSCE.

Officers and Committee

Officers are elected annually at the first committee meeting following the AGM. Following the AGM in 2017, under the new model constitution, one third of the committee is to be elected every year. The next election will take place at the 2018 AGM.

 Chair Peter Bainbridge Secretary Peter Hampson
Treasurer Louise Sarjeant  Vice Chair Divya Sudera
CET Officer Wazim Sarwar  

The other committee members are:

Koyas Ali Inderpal Bansal Jaspinderpal Bansal
Majid Jawaid Iram Noreen Paul Sidhu
Richard Stokes David Wright Abrar Zaman


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